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  • Feb 03, 2023
Learn How To Draw App

People who are talented in the arts, particularly drawing, have always piqued my interest because of the endless possibilities they present. Because a friend of mine once told me that drawing is not an innate talent but rather something that can be honed through practice and experience, I have always wanted to learn how to draw.

At this age, I finally have the time to devote to drawing, which is something I’ve always been passionate about, so I looked for a way to teach myself everything from the ground up. I stumbled upon the HOW TO DRAW APP, which ultimately served as a substitute for a private art instructor for me.

Discover more about the HOW TO DRAW APP and the features it offers by reading the following. Check out how I was able to draw dozens of different objects and create amazing pictures starting from scratch with the help of it.

The HOW TO DRAW app is now available for download.

When I was younger, I looked up to the people in my group of friends who were talented at drawing. I can recall that my first attempts at drawing simple things were a complete failure. It was discouraging for me because I had always believed that my inability to draw was something that was simply a product of my genetic make-up.

I spent a lot of time as I got older watching videos of individuals drawing in a wide variety of styles, and that activity never stopped piqueing my interest in drawing. Then, a buddy of mine explained to me that it is still possible for me to learn how to draw because it is a talent that can be developed to a higher level with the assistance of the appropriate instructor.

I went to a few different online forums and read about people’s experiences learning to draw and getting started. I recently came to the realization that education can be obtained through the utilization of mobile applications. As a result, I was able to locate the HOW TO DRAW APP, which served as my own private art instructor.

It gives me all of the fundamental information that I need to learn how to draw from the ground up. The app does not require any specific drawing abilities or prior drawing experience on your part. It’s interesting to note that with the assistance of the HOW TO DRAW APP, I was able to draw a variety of things.

Putting in place the APP HOW TO DRAW TO DRAW

Because of its widespread use—over 10 million people have already downloaded the HOW TO DRAW APP—locating it was a breeze. This is largely attributable to the app’s popularity. In May of 2011, Artfonica released an application that is intended to assist anyone who aspires to improve their sketching abilities.

The team is always working to improve the app’s functionality, despite the fact that it has been accessible for quite some time. The HOW TO DRAW APP is exclusively designed for use with Android-powered mobile devices. I went to the Google Play Store and found an app called HOW TO DRAW. It was free, so I downloaded it.

The HOW TO DRAW APP can be downloaded for free, but it does offer in-app purchases of additional content for a price ranging from $0.99 to $1.99 per item. Additionally, the application is compatible with Android devices that are running Android OS versions 2.3 and later.


During the installation process, the HOW TO DRAW APP inquired about gaining access to my local file storage and requested permission to do so. On my mobile device, it attempted to access, read, edit, and destroy document files, photographs, and other media items.

In addition, the HOW TO DRAW APP is a web-based application, which means that I need a reliable internet connection in order to take advantage of all of its features. As a result, it requests permission to receive data from the internet, view network connections, have complete access to the network, and prevent the device from going into sleep mode.

The HOW TO DRAW APP greeted me right away with a list of the things that it would be able to help me draw with its assistance. Because I can immediately enjoy everything that the app has to offer, the app did not request that I register or create an account with it.

Because it brought back fond memories of the how-to drawing books I used to own when I was a youngster, the user interface of the HOW TO DRAW APP was an instant hit with me. The background is made up of a tiled grid, and the objects have a friendly appearance and bright colors appropriate for children.

The Objects That Are Available to Use Within the HOW TO DRAW APP

As I’ve already mentioned, as soon as I open the app, it shows me all of the different things that I can draw with its assistance. The items have been classified into the categories of Simple, Africa, Airplanes, Birds, Cars, Cats, Christmas, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Fantasy, Flowers, Knights, Ninja, Roses, Wildcats, Others, and Underwater.

The HOW TO DRAW APP provides me with instructions for more than 50 different things that I can draw. I can draw a turtle, a cup, an elephant, a tree, a starfish, a goldfish, a heart, a flower, or a bird, for instance, if I select the Easy category. Even cartoon characters like Snoopy and Hello Kitty have been known to use it.

Some of the other categories, like the dinosaurs category, are notoriously challenging to illustrate. Imagine that I had to put in some effort to draw a pterodactyl, stegosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus, velociraptor, or any of the other prehistoric animals listed above.

Selecting a Reference Manual for an Object Within the App

Because I do not yet have the necessary drawing skills, I decided to begin by drawing something simple, despite the fact that the HOW TO DRAW APP allowed me to use any of the available objects. As a result, I made up my mind to attempt to sketch a tree since I thought it would be easy.

Even though it might seem like drawing a tree would be a simple task, the HOW TO DRAW APP makes it so that it is actually quite challenging in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result. To select an item, all I had to do was tap on the item, and then wait for the program to bring me to a drawing board to make my selection.

Indeed, giving it a single tap is all that is required for me to begin drawing. In the event that I tapped the incorrect object, I am able to go back to the list of available objects. Nevertheless, the app will not be able to save my progress in the drawing that I had previously chosen or in the object that I had drawn.

Using the App in accordance with the Selected Guide

I liked that the app acknowledges its role as my art or drawing teacher by providing a detailed guide on how I should draw the objects. This was something that I found particularly helpful. It provides a methodical approach that can be followed in order to draw a particular thing. To illustrate, there are nine distinct steps involved in drawing a tree.

To begin, I was given the task of drawing the contours of the tree. After that, you should work with its various components so that the end result will be as detailed as possible. The method or guide is not in the form of instructions or a video, but rather in the form of drawings.

What this means is that I can easily follow each step. After I have completed one step, I will have to select the right arrow in order to move on to the subsequent step. In addition to that, there is the left arrow, which takes you back to the stage before this one.

Using the HOW TO DRAW APP to draw the object in question

When I first open the application, it enables me to trace the item so that I can more carefully follow the stages. Additionally, it assisted me in being familiar with which component of a particular object should be drawn first while I am drawing it.

In order to accurately trace the item, I had to be sure to use the paintbrush. Because the app assigned each component of the object a unique hue, tracing the object will be simpler for me because I will be able to identify the contours of the guide more easily.

Because it follows the guide, it is also simple for me to determine whether or not I made a mistake with a stroke or a line. This is because the error will not deviate from the guide. In addition to that, the gridlines that were present in the app’s background made it much simpler for me to track the object.

Erasing Mistakes on HOW TO DRAW APP

The HOW TO DRAW APP gives me the feeling that I am drawing traditionally on paper with a pencil and an eraser, so I can relax and enjoy the process. Even though I am drawing on the app in real time, the eraser and paintbrush tools are still accessible to me.

The eraser function allows me to clean up the ones I am tracing by erasing any extra lines or errant strokes I may have made. In contrast to the paintbrush, the size of the eraser cannot be adjusted in any way. It is wonderful since it will make it simpler to correct the minute or insignificant errors.

Changing the Size of the Paintbrush on the Application

The application required that I adhere to the guide in order to draw the object, down to the minutest of details. When looking at a drawing, there are certain details that take up a significant amount of space, while other details are more subtle and resemble a small stroke.

Therefore, the HOW TO DRAW APP makes it possible for me to personalize the paintbrush function by allowing me to tap on the “palette” icon located in the top right corner of the screen. I can determine the size of the paintbrush here.

The size of the paintbrush can be changed by dragging along the slide menu bar, which is located at the top of the screen. The paintbrush can be made larger by sliding to the right, while reducing its size can be accomplished by sliding to the left.

Using the HOW TO DRAW APP to add color to my drawing

Since black is the default color for the paintbrush, the result would be similar to a standard pencil drawing. The HOW TO DRAW APP, on the other hand, does not want it to end there because it allows me to add color to my drawings as well.

The colors can also be selected through the “palette” icon, which features a color wheel with its color selections. The use of color will provide an animated quality to my drawing. For instance, when coloring the leaves of the tree I’m drawing, I have access to a wide range of different green tones to choose from.

My Drawing Is Being Saved on the HOW TO DRAW APP

After I’ve finished drawing the object, I can export it and store it in the storage for my files. The HOW TO DRAW APP allows me to save my drawings in the form of pictures, which enables me to simply send them to my friends and family via a variety of different messaging and social networking apps.

In order to save, I had to select the “three dots” icon that was located in the top right corner of the display.

Next, select the “Save to” option by clicking the “Drawing” button. After that, the app will inquire as to the location on my phone’s storage where I would like the file to be saved.

Taking away advertisements from the “HOW TO DRAW” app

The only drawback to utilizing the HOW TO DRAW APP is having to put up with the annoying advertisements. When I’m trying to draw on the app, these advertisements make it difficult for me to focus.

Nevertheless, by making use of the in-app purchase options provided by the HOW TO DRAW APP, it is possible to either get rid of or prevent these advertisements from appearing at any time. Because of this, I no longer have to deal with any interruptions when I’m drawing on the app.


The HOW TO DRAW APP gives everyone the opportunity to experience drawing from the very beginning. It acts as a personal art tutor by allowing users to trace the guidance, which enables them to create anything from simple to complex objects.

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