The Top Apps for Adding Subtitle to Videos

Best Apps for Subtitle to Videos– Videos are dependent on the clarity of the audio in order for the viewer to understand the message being conveyed. However, there are times when the audio quality is not at its finest or is degraded, which can have an effect not only on the transmission of information but also on the entire impact of a video.

Subtitles are valuable to video editors because they enable them to convey their message to the target audience in a way that isn’t lost in translation. There are currently smartphone apps available that allow anyone to add subtitles to their own videos that they have uploaded. Not only that, but some of them also let users add their own creative touches to the subtitles they create.

The post that follows provides a rundown of some of the top programs that can be used to add subtitles to videos.

GoDaddy Studio

Apps for graphic design and video editing are typically difficult to use because they contain a wide variety of tools and features. GoDaddy Studio is one such app. There is a large variety of mobile apps that are suitable for aspiring editors, such as the GoDaddy Studio app. Even though they are used by professionals as well, these mobile apps are widely available.

Because of its user-friendly tools and features, which can cater to the requirements of anyone regardless of their level of expertise and knowledge, it is regarded as one of the most straightforward applications for graphic design. Users of GoDaddy Studio are able to create outstanding projects such as flyers, banners, photos, and stories along with videos.

Users of GoDaddy Studio have access to thousands of free templates that can be used to generate new ideas, patterns, and inspiration for their websites. Users who subscribe to the premium version of the app, which starts at $5.99 per month, gain access to additional features, tools, and graphic templates that are not available in the standard version.

Downloads of GoDaddy Studio can be obtained from the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. It does not cost anything to download, and users are given a free trial period of one month before they are required to subscribe to a paid plan.

Use of GoDaddy Studio for the Adding of Subtitles

Additionally, GoDaddy Studio is one of the most useful applications for quickly and easily adding subtitles and closed captions to videos.

GoDaddy ensures that it has the tools to edit the video by adding filters, adjusting brightness, saturation, and colors, and other settings, with the goal of improving the overall quality of the raw videos that its users upload to the platform.

GoDaddy Studio provides users with access to hundreds of fonts and colors that may be customized to complement the mood and theme of their projects. Simply clicking on the desired font and color will bring up a preview for the user within the application, allowing them to determine whether or not the text will be legible over the video.


There is no denying the fact that adding subtitles to videos is a time-consuming process because viewers are required to watch the videos frame by frame. On the other hand, the Kaptioned app makes the process of adding closed captions to videos simple and quick. It utilizes technology that is based on artificial intelligence to provide a feature that will automatically generate subtitles for videos.

Kaptioned will create subtitles that are as accurate as they can be for each and every component of the project by automatically identifying the audio of the videos that you upload. Both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store make it possible to download the Kaptioned app at no cost. The free version provides users with access to one free video that is no longer than 15 minutes in length.

Users have the option to subscribe to the premium version, which costs approximately ten dollars per month. If they do so, they will be able to watch unlimited videos with subtitles of up to an hour in length, and the finished product will be free of any watermarks.

Users of the app are restricted to only being able to process videos that are less than 1 gigabyte in size. It won’t take more than a few minutes to generate subtitles for a video once the Kaptioned app has been instructed to process the video in question.

Including Subtitles Through the Use of Kaptioned

It only takes a few taps of your finger to add subtitles to a video using the Kaptioned app. The app’s artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to instantly generate subtitles for users’ videos.

Eleven different languages, including English, Hindi, Chinese, Chinese Traditional Simplified, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, are able to have subtitles created for them. Kaptioned is also capable of providing subtitles in multiple languages for a single video.

The accuracy of the subtitles is very high; nonetheless, users are required to examine the closed captions and make any necessary adjustments to them. The subtitles that are generated can be edited and revised by the users, so that they are more accurate. Options for the font style, size, and color can also be selected to personalize the appearance of the captions.

Text on Video

The company BigVideos introduced a new app called Text on Video in June of 2020. In spite of the fact that the app has only been available for a relatively short period of time, it has already won the confidence of users due to the features and services that it offers. Text on Video now has more than one million users who are actively logging in.

Because of the significant amount of storage space required, running a video editing app on a mobile device can reduce the device’s overall performance. Text on Video, on the other hand, is relatively light, which means that it won’t affect or slow down the performance of a device in any way.

In addition to allowing users to add text to videos, the app provides users with a full set of fundamental editing tools for both photos and videos. Users have the ability to quickly and easily add slideshow animations, effects, filters, overlays, stickers, audio, and music, and they may select from among more than 20 different transitions that are provided by the app.

The program is utilized by users for a variety of reasons, most notably the posting of content to social media. The Text on Video app comes equipped with a function that enables users to modify the dimensions of their videos so that they conform to the specifications of various platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and others. Downloading the Text on Video app from the Google Play Store is completely free of charge.

Putting Subtitles to a Video Using the Text on Video

Users of the Text on Video app do not have to pay anything to access any of the content on the app. Therefore, users have the ability to create videos with texts using the app’s selection of fancy, classy, sleek, or formal fonts. There are currently over 600 fonts to choose from, and the team is continually working to improve the selection as well as add new fonts.

Users have the ability to alter the typefaces and add a variety of text animations, over which they have complete control over both the duration and the properties. In addition, users are able to alter the color tone of the text by merging multiple colors into a single text. This functionality is made available through the app. Text on Video has just recently added the capability to bend text.

Text shadows, blurring, size, bold and italic formats, distance and spacing, opacity, and color gradients and stroke are some of the many fundamental text choices that may be accessed through the application. Users can also add fonts to the app by directly uploading them onto the Text on Video app. This functionality is available to users.


People who are looking for an app that focuses solely on the ability to add text on top of videos will find what they need with Vont. Users have stated that Vont is a straightforward app that accomplishes its primary function, which is to superimpose text on videos. The fact that the app’s features are all straightforward, uncomplicated, and intuitively laid out makes it an excellent choice for inexperienced editors.

Because even inexperienced users are able to add text, subtitles, or closed captions to movies, the Vont app is an excellent choice for producing a video that has the desired texts. Users of the Vont app are not restricted to the fonts that are already built into the application, which is one of the app’s many advantageous features.

A wonderful feature for users who have an interest in typography is that they are able to upload fonts to their project that they believe will complement it in the most effective way. The only requirement is that the fonts that are downloaded and installed on the Vont app must not violate any of the concerns or agreements regarding the licenses that they use.

Downloading the Vont app from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store is completely free of charge. However, the app contains obtrusive video advertisements, which may negatively impact a user’s overall experience with the software. Therefore, Vont provides users with the option to subscribe to their ad-free version for a price that is less than ten dollars.

Including Subtitles Through the Use of Vont

As was noted earlier, Vont was designed to be an app that enables users to add text to movies they have created. As a result, users have access to a wide variety of tools and features with which they can experiment in order to improve the quality of their videos. Users are immediately able to select one of the app’s 200 typefaces after the installation process has been completed.

Because Vont is aware that customers have their own preferences about the appearance of the subtitles or text on the video, the company has made it possible for users to modify the appearance of these elements. Users are able to modify the text size, text color, text shadow, letter spacing, and line spacing, which makes it more simpler for them to determine what appears to look best on each frame.

Additionally, the app enables users to be more creative in their text by including a feature in which they may adjust the color and thickness of the text stroke. This gives users more freedom to express themselves through the medium of word. Users are not restricted to using solid colors for text in this instance. The texts can be easily rotated and moved by the user to achieve the optimal placement within the frame.


Subtitles have the potential to influence viewers because they improve understanding of the content of a video. Because many people prefer to watch videos without the sound on, this opens the door to a significantly larger audience. This ensures that your content may be accessed at any time and from any location. As an additional accessibility feature, it is also very useful to people who have problems with their hearing.

Therefore, individuals should look into some of the top applications that are available to assist them in adding subtitles to their movies. The users of these applications for mobile phones will not have a difficult time adding captions to each frame of their projects because the applications are designed for mobile phones.

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